What We Do

JigTech Enterprises is engaged in manufacturing of precision machined parts , Jigs & Fixtures , Moulds, Die’s , all types of Valves , Precision Batch and Mass production Works.

We undertake Precision, CNC Turning, VMC with 4th Axis, CNC Drill Tap Centre, Cyl Grinding (2meter Length X 540 Ø), Turning, Milling, Drilling, Jig Boring, Tool & Cutter and Surface Grinding works for all type of engineering components such Jig and Fixtures, Die, Moulds, Precision Batch and Mass Production & Fabrication works.

The WMW Jig Boring m/c 1600x800mm of JigTech Enterprises can do all types of Boring (angular holes as well) at the least count 0.001 Microns. It is well equipped with a work force of 20+3(Staff) employees capable of doing sorts of activities and have necessary inspection facilities and machinery’s.

How we do

As our result of our capabilities, we can offer our customer higher value, better performance, faster turn around, consistency and high quality product.

Process Chart

Our Manufacturing capacity

We are well equipped Tool Room with absolute in-house facilities like Manufacturing , Material handling and Inspection

Sr. No. Machines/ Equipments Make
1CNC Turning (LL20 x 260 Ø)LMW
2Smart Turn (160 Ø)LMW
3VMC Chakra with 4th axis (250 Ø) Ucam MakeBFW
4Cyl Grinding (2 Meter X 540 Ø) ID/ODGerman
5Cyl Grinding ( 600 X 250 Ø) ID/ODGerman
6Surface Grinding India
7W.M.W. Jig Boring-Vertical German
8Houser Jig Boring Switzerland
9SIP Jig Boring Switzerland
10MITR ManFord
11Heavy Duty Milling Machine with DRO German
12Milling Machine HMT,BFW
13CNC Machine(Tape Center) Fanuc
14Lathe Machine TMT (Navdeep)
15Drilling Machine(PMW) TMT
16Bench Grinder(0.5HP) Rajlaxmi
17Bench Grinder Master Grinder
18Co2 Welding Machine Sai Arc
19Arc Welding Machine Sai Arc
20Multi Spindle 4 Drill Machine TMT
21Multi Spindle 4 Tap Machine TMT
22Multi Spindle 2 Drill Machine TMT
23Multi Spindle 2 Tap Machine TMT